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Presto Automatic Pressure Cooker Air Vent, 9911

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National Presto AIR VENT 9911
MSRP: $4.11
Price: $2.93
You Save: $1.18
59 In Stock
Automatically vents or exhausts air and acts as a visual indication of pressure. Use this air vent on Presto cookers or canners . Fits Model No. 40, 60, 103, 403, 603, 703, 733, 803, 803B, 833, B301A, B301B, B302A, C301A, C301B, 40, 104, 46, 50, 60, 204, 404, 604, 704, 744, 804, 804B, A401, A403A, A403AD, A403AT, A414A, A405A, A407, A409, A410A, A411A, A412A, A415A, A413A, A416A, B401A, B401B, B403A, C401A, C401B, KE02A, PB01A, KE02AT, PB05A, PB07A, SC-35, S-60, 01/PCA4, 01/PCC4, 01/PCC4A, 01/PCD4, 01/PCC4D, 01/PCC4H, 01/PCD4H, 01/PCE4, 01/PCE4A, 01/PCE4H, 01/PCS4, 02/PCS4, 02/PCA4, 02/PCA4H, 40, 106, 206, 406, A601, 706, A603A, A617, A603AD, A614A, A603AT, A608, A618, A605A, A605B, A607, A621A, A609A, A610A, A620A, A611A, A619A, A612, A615, A622, A613, A616, A623, B601A, B602A, B604A, B604B, B604C, B605A, B606B, C601A, C603A, KE03A, PB02A, PB09A, KE03AT, PB06A, PB10A, PB08A, PB11A, S-66, 01/PCA6, 01/PCC6, 01/PCC6A, 01/PCC6AD, 01/PCC6D, 01/PCC6H, 01/PCC6HD, 01/PCE6, 01/PCE6A, 01/PCE6H, 01/PCS6, 02/PCS6, 02/PCA6, 02/PCA6H, and 02/PCE6H. Pressure canners: 7, 7S, 7AV, 14, 7B, CA16, 21, 21S, 21AV, 21B, CA21, 01/CA16H, CA16H, 01/CA21H, CA21H, 01/CAA12H, 01/CAA20H, 02/CAA12H, 02/CAA16H, and 02/CAA20H. No. 09911: Application: Presto Pressure Cookers or Canners, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Card
UPC: 00075741099118
Country Of Origin: CN
Comes in a pack of: 1
Item Number: 615445
Manufacturer: National Presto
Manufacturer Part No: 9911

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